News 7.1.11

Dufford Waldeck Staff and Associates Bring Christmas to Needy Families

by Judy Karnasiewicz, Legal Assistant
For the past two years the associates and support staff of Dufford Waldeck have chosen not to exchange gifts with each other, but to give gifts to others in need.

Last year the Grand Junction Housing Authority opened a community center in one of their low-income housing complexes. One of the uses of the community center at the complex is after-school activities for the children. The attorneys and staff at DWMK stocked the community center with toys, games, books, coloring supplies, etc., for the children that reside in the apartment complex. Individual staff members and attorneys also contributed food and gift cards to the food pantry located in the community center to further help the families.

This year the Dufford Waldeck staff learned of a single mom with three young children who had very little to spend on the holidays. The oldest child, who attends a local Christian school, did not want anything for himself, but wanted his brothers to have some gifts for Christmas. The youngest child wanted a tricycle. One staff member donated her now-grown son's tricycle. Toys, books, and clothes were purchased by DWMK staff and attorneys for all of the children. We are grateful that our attorneys and staff are so supportive of our community and people in need.

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