News 7.18.11

Rich Krohn Speaks at Real Estate Symposium

Richard H. Krohn was one of the presenters at the 29th Annual Real Estate Symposium sponsored by the Real Estate Section of the Colorado Bar Association held July 14-16, 2011 in Vail, Colorado. The Symposium has become the annual gathering place for the Colorado real estate community. He has been a presenter at the Symposium more than a dozen times.
Rich spoke on 2011 Colorado legislation impacting public trustee foreclosures; current Public Trustee foreclosure issues under consideration or recently addressed by individual public trustees or by the Public Trustees Association of Colorado; and HOA junior lien redemptions in public trustee foreclosures.
Rich represents all of the Colorado public trustees through the Public Trustees Association of Colorado, as well as representing many of the individual public trustees offices.  In conjunction with his work for the public trustees, Rich has been one of the principal drafters of the new foreclosure statutes that govern conduct of public trustee foreclosures in Colorado.

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