News 9.24.12

Annie Murphy Conducts Seminar on Evictions

by Kris Nichols
On September 19, 2012, Annie Murphy conducted a seminar at the Affordable Housing Management Association’s 30th Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado entitled “Eviction Boot Camp.”  The seminar focused on the basic eviction of a tenant residing in subsidized housing. The focus of the seminar was on notice drafting, as the notice is imperative to winning the eviction. The session also covered the key issues and HUD requirements in notices and the common mistakes made in filling out and serving the notice which result in defective service and delay in eviction. The session also covered causes of eviction, i.e., rent, material noncompliance, repeated violations and criminal behavior; dealing with common defenses used by residents, i.e., tender, waiver and partial payments; and the judicial eviction process, security deposit transmittal letter and abandoned tenant property.

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