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Annie Murphy Webinar

Creating Special Policies - A Smoke Free Community

On Thursday, November 29, 2012, Annie Murphy presented a webinar on Creating Special Policies – A Smoke Free Community. Creating a smoke-free property is a great way to ensure a healthy living environment for all of your residents. There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke and it is particularly tricky to amend in multifamily communities since it can transfer from unit to unit by ventilation systems, open windows, and even electrical outlets. No-smoking policies are becoming widely adopted in both market-rate and affordable housing developments. As of April, 2011, more than 230 housing authorities in 27 states have implemented no-smoking policies.
 The class discussed the legality of a smoke-free policy, how to adjust house rules or lease agreements, options for grandfathering in existing tenants, how to deal with reasonable accommodation requests, and the steps needed to implement the new policy. There was also a question and answer session with Ivy Williams, the Smoke-free Properties Coordinator from the Grand Junction Housing Authority, who has recently adopted a smoke-free policy at its properties.

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