News 12.12.13

Annie Murphy - Affordable Housing Webinar - Fair Housing Basics

Annie Murphy conducted a two hour webinar for the Affordable Housing Management Association (AHMA) – Rocky Mountain Region on Fair Housing Basics. The class was held on December 12, 2013, and attendees were from Colorado, North Dakota and South Dakota. The training focused on advising maintenance and management staff, as they often have the most contact with residents. Annie provided an overview of fair housing laws and discussed in detail the protected classes and then focused on specific examples of what to do in common situations that occur within or outside of an employee’s regular job duties. For example: responding to resident requests for assistance with carrying groceries, trash removal, etc. and what type of questions are inappropriate to ask during a resident screening. She also discussed reasonable accommodation and modification requests, spending some time teaching attendees how to address requests for service animals. Finally, she discussed the impact of the Violence against Women Act 2005 (VAWA) on the housing rights and options of survivors of domestic and sexual violence and how violations of VAWA could ignite a fair housing complaint.

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